The Commissions Priority  


The functions of the Commission are provided for in Article 26 of the SLNHRC Act 39/2010 as follows:

1. To investigate independently a situation that they consider has caused social damage and deem important to be investigated.

2. Inspection of prisons, police stations and other canters used as jails, in order to see the living conditions of prisoners and to give appropriate advice to the concerned parties.

3. Upgrading (enhancing) awareness and educating the community on human rights and the reasons why they need to be respected by using scientific research programs, media or events that the commission finds applicable.

4. To inspect government agencies related to human rights and advising them on ways of developing, protecting and promoting respect for human rights.

5. Proposing to the Parliament laws to be amended or effective methods of protecting and promoting human rights.

6. Making recommendations and giving technical advice to the cabinet ministers and other government agencies, which are all, aimed at improving the protection of human rights.

7. Strengthen the collaboration between the Commission and local organizations, which are engaged in the development of human rights, and at the same time contacting and working with the international agencies.

8. The Commission will give effective technical advice to the cabinet ministers and both houses of parliament towards improving and protecting human rights and basic freedom. This will include ratifying and approving laws and declarations.